Hydraulic Ankle Technology

Lower limb amputees can face health issues long after amputation, and it is the consideration and management of these issues that are crucial to the sustained health of every patient.Blatchford believes long-term musculoskeletal health depends on the replication of the dynamic and adaptive qualities of natural limb movement.

The engineering of nature is the prime source of inspiration at the heart of Endolite’s biomimetic design philosophy where the development of award-winning prostheses is focussed on the long-term health and wellbeing of every amputee.


Amputee Health Facts


Amputee Body Pressure Points

Foot Rocker Points

The human ankle and foot have four main rocker points that allow us to walk efficiently. By considering the natural function of the foot and replicating its structure through a unique combination of design elements, Endolite Biomimetic Hydraulic Technology provides a natural and fluid walking experience.


Foot Rocker Points

The human ankle foot complex contains 28 bones and 33 joints that work in sequence to provide balance, stability and a seamless walking experience.

Endolite hydraulic ankles respond to the design specifications that natural movement dictates, fine-tuning joint position to align the body for optimum posture and comfort.

By continuously adjusting to absorb and release energy, our hydraulic ankles allow for an efficient roll-over, remaining perfectly aligned with the user for the next step to help reduce the risk of falls.

Principles of Biomimetic Design

Patients’ requirements vary, depending on their needs. Just as people’s needs are unique, so are our hydraulic ankles. Our biomimetic design philosophy runs through the whole range of Endolite ankles.

Download Hydraulic Ankle Brochure

Download the Hydraulic Ankle Brochure



The AvalonK2 Foot is a hydraulic foot/ankle system from Endolite. It enhances walking confidence because it hydraulically adjusts to inclines and steps, the AvalonK2 self-aligns to secure the knee joint and encourage good posture and joint position, this enhances trans-femoral knee stability to help prevent falls and it reduces unwanted moments on the knee joint of trans-tibial users. The toes dorsi-flex after mid stance and remain elevated during swing phase providing increased ground clearance for safety and efficiency.


The award winning Echelon prosthetic foot gives Activity Level 3 users hydraulic ankle control on ramps and stairs. It has an instant impact on postural symmetry, easing abnormal pressures at interface and other joints. Wearing Echelon promotes stability and confidence on rough and sloping surfaces, reduces the number of falls plus it gives excellent energy response at all times.


Optimal socket connection is critical to an amputee’s comfort, security and stability. By pairing Biomimetic Hydraulic Technology with an elevated vacuum system, the design of EchelonVAC works to create a secure and comfortable socket connection.

By harnessing natural ankle motion, EchelonVAC quietly creates elevated vacuum, helping to maintain an optimally fitting socket throughout the day.


Elan mimics natural muscle resistance and ankle motion by adapting hydraulic resistance levels to optimise stability when standing and walking, on slopes and uneven terrain. This encourages more symmetrical limb loading, faster walking speed and reduced compensatory movements. The ankle pivot point is optimally positioned close to the natural weight line for a more natural response through the gait cycle.

The result is smoother, safer and more natural walking, helping to preserve the body for the long term.


The EchelonVT prosthetic foot provides the active Level 3 user with terrain conformance, rotation and shock absorption. It is ideal for robust, moderate impact activities like hiking that require a multi – axial, biomimetic function with a high level of energy return.

The combination of hydraulic ankle and titanium spring means that the foot adapts fluidly to promote good posture and excellent traction even on rough ground and ramps. During swing phase the toe dorsi-flexes to enhance ground clearance. The integral shock absorber ensures minimal shear force between socket and skin for a comfortable ride throughout the twists and turns of the day.